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09/20/2020 8:00:07 AM PST
'Bosch' Star John Marshall Jones Puts Out Fire, Nabs Alleged Arsonist
Cops are calling John Marshall Jones a hero ... not only for rushing out of his house in his underwear to douse a fire, but for chasing down the alleged arsonist behind the blaze. John, who played special agent Jay Griffin on the Amazon hit…

09/20/2020 7:40:27 AM PST
Sylvester Stallone Warns Roy Jones Jr., 'Mike Tyson Is A Wrecking Ball!'
Roy Jones Jr., listen up ... here's some sage boxing advice from Rocky himself -- DON'T GET HIT BY MIKE TYSON!!!! TMZ Sports got Sylvester Stallone leaving Fia in Santa Monica this week ... and when we asked about RJJ's chances in his November…

09/18/2020 9:19:02 PM PST
The Rock Goes Full 'Black Adam' On Gate During Power Outage, ROCK SMASH!
Whaddaya do when the power is out, you have to get to work and your electric-powered gate won't open?? If you're Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, you channel your inner 'Black Adam,' rip that MFer right off the brick wall and slam it to the ground!!!…

09/18/2020 2:32:32 PM PST
Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Get Steamy in 'Fast Times' Charity Table Read
Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt got reacquainted in a virtual wet dream, and if you think that's awesome ... wait until you see how Julia Roberts, Sean Penn and Shia LaBeouf reacted to it. The exes everyone wants to reunite actually did get together…

09/16/2020 7:01:53 AM PST
Gimli in 'Lord Of The Rings' 'Memba Him?!
English Actor John Rhys-Davies is best known for his role as the ax-wielding dwarf, Gimli -- who helps to destroy the One Ring and navigate Middle-earth while dropping some epic one-liners-- in the early 2000s 'Lord Of The Rings' film trilogy…

09/15/2020 7:30:55 AM PST
'Edward Scissorhands' Family Home Sells to Fans of the Film
A family of "Edward Scissorhands" fans scooped up the Boggs house featured in the movie, and instead of getting it at a slashed price ... they ponied up a little extra to seal the deal. We broke the story ... the Florida home used for exterior and…

09/14/2020 8:17:24 PM PST
Fred Savage Missing 'Princess Bride' Reunion Unrelated to Politics
"The Princess Bride" cast virtually reunited Sunday night, but Fred Savage's face was noticeably missing from the Zoom call, leaving fans wondering if politics was afoot ... but TMZ's learned that's simply inconceivable. Sources close to the actor…

09/14/2020 6:46:55 PM PST
'Caddyshack' Star Michael O'Keefe Caddying For PGA Pro, Danny Noonan's Back!
NOONAN!!!!! "Caddyshack" star Michael O'Keefe is back on the bag ... the actor who famously played Danny Noonan in the iconic 1980 golf flick is a real-life caddie at the U.S. Open this week!!! For real!!!!! Here's the deal ... O'Keefe used to work…

09/14/2020 8:00:21 AM PST
Megan Fox & MGK Film Shuts Down Over COVID Cases, Moving to California
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have hit a bump in the road -- not with their relationship, but with their new movie ... which has been forced to shut down for a bit due to COVID-19. If ya haven't heard, Megan and MGK met on the set of "Midnight in…

09/12/2020 7:40:33 AM PST
Marketing CEO Patientce Foster Says Knowing Value of Black Culture Key To Opening Doors
Piece of The Pie is a new TMZ franchise, showcasing amazingly talented people of color who have had trouble making their mark in the entertainment industry. Our goal here is to raise awareness on behalf of marginalized voices and creators -- people…

09/10/2020 7:27:47 PM PST
Lindsay Lohan Sued by HarperCollins for Breaking $365k Book Deal
Lindsay Lohan's art of the book deal consists of agreeing to write it, getting a huge sum of money and then failing to turn in a draft ... at least according to a new suit. Publishing company HarperCollins is going after Lohan, claiming she…

09/10/2020 3:09:56 PM PST
Chuck Norris Sues Company Claiming It's Using Him for Fake Erectile Dysfunction Ads
Chuck Norris is going after a company that's using his iconic action star status and masculine reputation to sell boner pills ... according to a new lawsuit. The "Walker, Texas Ranger" star's suing a company he believes goes by a couple different…

09/10/2020 2:24:02 PM PST
'Game of Thrones' Star Dame Diana Rigg Dead at 82
Dame Diana Rigg -- the legendary actress with epic roles in "Game of Thrones" and the UK's 'Avengers' TV series -- has died. The British actress rose to prominence in the 1961 TV series, "The Avengers," and became a worldwide phenomenon as a Bond…

09/10/2020 7:40:33 AM PST
'Mighty Ducks' Star Shaun Weiss Beaming Thanks to Brand New Teeth
Shaun Weiss -- famous for playing Goldberg in "The Mighty Ducks" -- is looking like a million bucks ... 'cause he's got brand new pearly whites and he's now over 200 days sober!!! Shaun's friend, Drew Gallagher, tells TMZ ... Shaun received some…

09/09/2020 5:33:44 PM PST
Kevin Spacey Sued Over Alleged 1986 Sexual Assault in NYC
"Star Trek: Discovery" actor Anthony Rapp is suing Kevin Spacey for an alleged sexual assault ... and now there's another plaintiff making an additional claim. Rapp filed suit in NYC claiming he met the disgraced actor in 1986 while performing on…

09/09/2020 5:13:45 PM PST
Jelly Belly Founder Offers Wonka-Like Treasure Hunt, Company Clarifies
9/9 -- Jelly Belly is officially drawing a line in the sand between themselves and David Klein, who's offering up a candy factory as the grand prize for a Wonka-like contest. The company says, "Due to confusion in the marketplace, Jelly Belly Candy…

09/08/2020 7:01:38 AM PST
The White Rabbit in 'The Matrix' 'Memba Her?!
Australian actress Ada Nicodemou is best known for playing the hare-raising hottie, Dujour (also known as The White Rabbit) -- who helps lure Neo from his dark and dingy hacker-home to go out to a rave -- in the epic 1999 action movie, "The…

09/07/2020 3:45:20 PM PST
'Guardians of the Galaxy' Star Michael Rooker Got COVID and Says It Was Bad
"Guardians of the Galaxy" star Michael Rooker just revealed his struggle with coronavirus ... and it was real bad. Rooker, who also stars in "The Walking Dead" and the upcoming "Suicide Squad," says the virus took over his body. He said, almost…

09/07/2020 7:55:09 AM PST
Tiffany Haddish Getting Advice From Tyler Perry On How To Start Studio
Tiffany Haddish wants to be just like Tyler Perry ... because she's ready to start her own production studio!!! The actress and comedian joined us on "TMZ Live" and we asked her if she's got aspirations to be like Tyler and one day start a movie…

09/05/2020 3:13:11 PM PST
‘The Princess Bride’ Cast Does Virtual Table Read to Defeat Trump in Wisconsin
The cast of "The Princess Bride" is reuniting, and they're on a mission ... to defeat Donald Trump in the cheese state. There will be a live stream table read on Sept. 13 and the cast is intact for "A Virtual Princess Bride Reunion" ... Cary Elwes,…

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