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01/22/2019 9:44:00 AM PST
Damon Dash Sued by Director & Studio Over Movie 'Dear Frank'
Damon Dash is duping the general public about an upcoming movie he claims to have to ties to when he really had nothing to do with it at all ... according to a new lawsuit. The legendary hip-hop mogul is being sued by director Josh Webber and Muddy Water…

01/22/2019 12:01:00 AM PST
The Sharks Leader Bernardo in 'West Side Story' 'Memba Him?!
Dancer George Chakiris is best known for playing Bernardo -- leader of the Puerto Rican street gang, the Sharks -- in the snappy 1961 film, "West Side Story." Guess what he looks like now!

01/21/2019 8:50:00 AM PST
Ansel Elgort Goes Blond & Shirtless in Mexico with Hot GF
Ansel Elgort and his high school sweetheart escaped the bad L.A. weather over the weekend with a trip south of the border ... where they both gave off muy caliente vibes. The "Baby Driver" star -- who'll soon be the new "West Side Story" star -- was…

01/21/2019 12:40:00 AM PST
DJ Paul Says MLK Would Be Proud, Being Black is in Style Now
DJ Paul says African-Americans have a lot to be happy about as the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day ... because being black is in right now. We asked the Three 6 Mafia rapper how he felt about the state…

01/21/2019 12:20:00 AM PST
Tom Sizemore Charged with Possession of Heroin
Tom Sizemore could be taking a long trip, and not to a sunny tropical island, either -- he's staring down the possibility of a year in jail after his recent drug bust ... TMZ has learned. The Burbank City Attorney has charged Sizemore with 2 counts…

01/20/2019 12:40:00 AM PST
Bam Margera Completes Court Ordered Alcohol Program, AA Meetings
Bam Margera's friends are seriously worried about his ongoing battle with alcoholism, even though he's clearing the legal hurdles stemming from his DUI case.   On the same day fellow 'Jackass' star Brandon Novak told us he's…

01/20/2019 12:20:00 AM PST
Actress Joey King Worried About Playing Convicted Murderer Gypsy Rose Blanchard
Joey King isn't only thinking about movie critics reviewing her role as convicted murderer Gypsy Rose Blanchard -- she's worried about the way Gypsy will perceive it when she gets outta prison.  We got Joey at…

01/19/2019 5:22:00 PM PST
Beyonce's Sister, Solange, Springs Up in Houston with Film Crew
Solange Knowles looks like she's getting just as comfortable behind a camera as she already is behind a microphone -- 'cause she was all set to film something in her hometown. Beyonce's younger sister popped up in Houston Saturday with a whole film crew…

01/18/2019 9:45:00 AM PST
'Full Metal Jacket' Star R. Lee Ermey Buried at Arlington National Cemetery
R. Lee Ermey, the former Marine who rose to fame by playing the sadistic Gunnery Sgt. Hartman in "Full Metal Jacket," was laid to rest Friday at Arlington National Cemetery.  A former Marine drill instructor turned successful actor, Ermey, had his…

01/18/2019 6:57:00 AM PST
Cops On Alert for Protests During Michael Jackson Sundance Documentary
The blistering Michael Jackson documentary premiering at Sundance will also feature angry pro-Jackson protesters, and we've learned local police are gearing up for possible confrontations. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Park City PD…

01/17/2019 7:00:00 AM PST
Michael Jackson Estate Blasts HBO for Disloyalty Over 'Leaving Neverland'
Michael Jackson's rolling over in his grave, just to get stabbed in the back by HBO -- the producers of the controversial documentary, "Leaving Neverland" -- that's his estate's take, anyway. The estate's made no secret of its feelings about the…

01/17/2019 12:50:00 AM PST
Sundance Law Enforcement Utilizing Sexual Assault Hotline Again This Year
Cops in Park City -- site of the annual Sundance Film Festival -- will be utilizing a hotline to combat sexual assault again this year ... after it was established in 2018 in the wake of allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Law enforcement sources tell…

01/16/2019 9:27:00 AM PST
Dave Chappelle's Hazy on Skits Mocking R. Kelly Scandal
Dave Chappelle was noncommittal on his feelings about some old skits that mocked some shocking behavior by R. Kelly. We got the comic in WeHo Tuesday night leaving Craig's, and asked about his sketches from "Chappelle's…

01/16/2019 9:00:00 AM PST
Sly Stallone Regrets Killing Off Apollo Creed In 'Rocky IV'
Sylvester Stallone has murderer's regret -- admitting he feels TERRIBLE for killing off Apollo Creed in "Rocky IV" way back in 1985.  Of course, Stallone didn't just play Rocky Balboa -- he wrote the first 6 installments of the "Rocky" franchise --…

01/15/2019 9:14:00 AM PST
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Shooting 'Bad Boys for Life' in Atlanta
Forget the #10YearChallenge -- 'Bad Boys' Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are showing off more than 2 decades later ... in these shots from the third installment of the film franchise. Will and Martin -- aka Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett -- got the…

01/14/2019 12:30:00 AM PST
Lock of Marilyn Monroe's Hair For Sale For $16,500
A 60-year-old clipping of Marilyn Monroe's hair is up for grabs, and as an added bonus ... it comes with a sexy glamour shot of the blonde bombshell. The lock of hair -- approximately 35 strands worth -- is from the collection of Kenneth Battelle, who…

01/14/2019 12:01:00 AM PST
Naked Lady in 'The Shining' 'Memba Her?!
Lia Beldam is best known for playing the super sexy babe in the bathtub in room 237 -- whose flesh rots off while in Jack's arms -- in the Stanley Kubrick's 1980 masterpiece "The Shining." Guess what she looks like now!

01/13/2019 7:26:00 AM PST
Alex Honnold Who Climbed El Capitan without Rope Says He Didn't Think About Death
Alex Honnold is f-ing incredible ... the guy who completed the first free solo climb of El Capitan is humble and almost nonchalant about his superhuman feat. We got Alex at AMC Empire 25 Saturday night in NYC and asked about…

01/13/2019 12:30:00 AM PST
Justin Timberlake Breaks Topgolf Rules With 'Happy Gilmore' Swing, Gets Funny Warning
Justin Timberlake needs to check his "Happy Gilmore" impressions at the door the next time he decides to take some cuts at Topgolf, because the company says they just might tattle on JT if he keeps breaking their…

01/12/2019 12:30:00 AM PST
Tom Sizemore Arrested for Drug Possession
Tom Sizemore's new year is going a lot like previous ones -- he landed in jail for a drug bust ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us Burbank PD pulled over the actor because his Mercedes E350 was missing a front license plate and had…

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