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07/06/2020 4:14:58 PM PST
Colin Kaepernick Signs Deal with Disney, Docuseries In the Works
Colin Kaepernick is now in business with Disney -- the Mouse House just signed the QB to an overall first-look deal ... and there's already a docuseries in the works. Disney says the docuseries will feature "extensive new interviews and a vast…

07/06/2020 2:50:53 PM PST
Chris Hemsworth Putting on More Bulk for Hulk Hogan Movie Than for 'Thor'
Turns out, Hulk Hogan is even more of a physical specimen than a superhero -- 'cause Chris Hemsworth is beefing up beyond God of Thunder size to play the legendary wrestler. Chris says he has to get more jacked than ever for the upcoming biopic ...…

07/05/2020 7:50:08 AM PST
'Mighty Ducks' Star Shaun Weiss Is 170 Days Sober, But Needs New Teeth
Shaun Weiss -- famous for playing Goldberg in "The Mighty Ducks" -- is doing well on his road to recovery following his most recent meth bust ... but he could still use a little help in one area. Shaun's at a sober living facility in Woodland…

07/05/2020 7:30:11 AM PST
Lucas Grabeel Says He Wouldn't Play Gay 'High School Musical' Role Now
Lucas Grabeel, who played Ryan in "High School Musical," says he would steer clear from the gay character role nowadays ... so as not to take a job away from a gay actor. Lucas tells TMZ ... the last thing he would want to do is take an opportunity…

07/03/2020 7:29:15 PM PST
Jennifer Grey and Clark Gregg Announce They're Divorcing
Jennifer Grey and Clark Gregg have separated after nearly 2 decades together ... and say they're heading for divorce. The "Dirty Dancing" star and her "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." star husband announced their split in dual social media posts Friday ...…

07/03/2020 3:42:25 PM PST
Steve Rogers in 1990 'Captain America' 'Memba Him?!
East Coast actor Matt Salinger is best known for playing the top-secret genetically modified superhuman, Steve Rogers -- who is thawed out decades later and saves the White House from destruction as the shield-wielding Captain America -- in the…

07/01/2020 8:54:55 PM PST
Kurt Warner Stoked for 'Super Hero' Zachary Levi to Play Him In Biopic
Zachary Levi is set to play Kurt Warner in an upcoming biopic on the NFL Hall of Famer's life ... and you know who's PUMPED about that?!? KURT WARNER!!! The NFL Hall of Famer's journey from working at a Hy-Vee grocery store to winning the Super…

06/30/2020 9:25:03 PM PST
Carl Reiner Dead at 98, Mel Brooks Pays Tribute to His Best Friend
Mel Brooks also just paid tribute to Reiner, calling him a giant whose contributions to the entertainment industry is unmatched. They met in 1950 ... that's 70 years of friendship. ❤️ Dick Van Dyke just paid tribute to Reiner ... calling him…

06/30/2020 7:30:12 AM PST
'365 Days' Star Michele Morrone Says He's Coming Back for Sequel
Michele Morrone is coming back for seconds ... the "365 Days" star just announced he's on board for the sequel, and he's raising money for children in need in the process. Michele, the Italian heartthrob who plays Massimo in Netflix's No. 1 movie,…

06/27/2020 3:05:17 PM PST
John Wayne Airport on Chopping Block Due to Actor's Extreme Racism
It's about time, but there's finally a serious effort to change the name of John Wayne Airport in Orange County because the actor was famously racist and homophobic. The Orange County Democratic Party passed a resolution, calling out Wayne's…

06/27/2020 1:59:06 PM PST
Ariana Grande Throws Herself 27th Birthday Party
Ariana Grande threw what kinda sounds like an oxymoron but it's not ... an intimate birthday bash for herself. Ariana hosted the party Friday night for a few of her close family and friends, to celebrate turning 27. Trucks traversed her Hollywood…

06/27/2020 1:22:46 AM PST
'Shrek 2’ Director Kelly Asbury Dead at 60
Kelly Asbury, who worked on some huge animated films, including directing the blockbuster "Shrek 2" ... is dead after a long battle with cancer. Kelly died peacefully Friday in Encino, CA ... according to his rep, and leaves behind an amazing…

06/25/2020 7:54:47 PM PST
Cinemark Theatres Worker Spraying Down Seats Between Screenings
Cinemark Theatres is dispatching essential workers to sanitize seats between movie screenings ... and it looks like hazardous labor to say the least. Check out this video from the theater chain's location in West Plano, Texas ... where a very…

06/25/2020 6:21:12 PM PST
Disneyland to Reimagine Splash Mountain with 'Princess and the Frog'
Disney's making waves after announcing its iconic Splash Mountain ride will be re-themed after the studio's first Black princess in "The Princess and the Frog." The Mouse House announced Thursday its Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort parks…

06/24/2020 10:36:10 PM PST
'Gone with the Wind' Returns to HBO Max with Disclaimer, Panel Discussion
"Gone with the Wind" is gone no more ... HBO Max is restoring the film to its library after a 2-week hiatus, but this time the streaming platform's adding a disclaimer. The 1939 classic will return to HBO Max with historical context that includes 2…

06/24/2020 9:40:53 PM PST
Joel McHale Says Ken Jeong Is Perfect Podcast Partner in a Pandemic
Joel McHale says his ex-costar, Ken Jeong, has proven to be just the right man for the job -- when that job is a podcast about what the hell's really going on with a pandemic. JMH told us all about "The Darkest Timeline" ... the podcast he and Ken…

06/24/2020 2:44:10 PM PST
Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Neil Patrick Harris Back on 'Matrix 4' Set
Neo, Trinity and whoever the hell Neil Patrick Harris is playing are plugging back into the "real world" for the 'Matrix 4' -- 'cause they're back on set, and cameras are rolling again. Leading man Keanu Reeves along with his costar and on-screen…

06/24/2020 1:36:36 AM PST
Serena Williams' Father Richard Sued Over Rights To His Book
The father of tennis' most famous female players is being sued by folks who claim they bought the rights to his life story before Will Smith produced his own movie with himself as Richard. Richard Williams, the father and coach of tennis superstars…

06/23/2020 10:30:27 PM PST
Timothee Chalamet Makes Out with & Serenades GF Eiza Gonzalez in Mexico
Timothee Chalamet has a new boo to call him by his name -- one Eiza Gonzalez ... who's quite generous with the PDA, especially when they're chillin' out in her homeland. Timmy and Eiza -- a Mexican actress he now seems to be dating after breaking…

06/23/2020 2:46:35 PM PST
Alfalfa from 'Little Rascals' Movies Arrested for Huffing Air Duster
You are so criminal to MEEEEEEE ... is probably what cops said to the guy who once played Alfalfa when they busted him for allegedly sucking up air duster cans. Yes, Bug Hall -- who had the lead role in the 90s "Little Rascals" movies -- was…

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